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If it's skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking or anything outdoors, it's far more than just a sport. Your website needs to speak the language of the lifestyle.


Outdoor Brand Experience


ClichΓ© But True

For years we were in the trenches as true, blue-collar Dirtbags, living the lifestyle. So what? That's who drives trend in the industry. Even if "trendy" isn't part of your brand's vocabulary, it's unavoidable. Trends trickle down (or in this case, maybe up). Up the economic ladder.

These are the early-adopters, if you will. Beyond their present-day (some might say fleeting influence) these will also be your upscale customers for decades into the future-- and their kids will follow. To speak to the entire industry, brands must know how to speak to influencers first.

For better or worse, our industry is driven by image, fashion, and personality - followed by skill, creativity, and contribution to community. We speak to this core audience, which allows us (and by proxy, your brand) to speak with an authentic voice and aesthetic.


If you're in need a fresh brand or re-brand, we can help. If your brand is in a good place, cool, we guarantee not to screw it up. Carry your vibes through all of your digital assets and beyond.

Web Design

It's not rocket science, it's an art. Most brands don't need a $25k+ custom theme. We know, we've seen what works and what doesn't. Go with us and you'll save thousands. Promise.


The subtleties of your eCommerce customer experience are critical. By leveraging Shopify's best-in-class eCommerce platform, there's no need to reinvent the wheel, just let it rip!

Digital Marketing

Many of our clients are product and customer-focused. Meaning, the product or service quality come first. We get it, however, a little promotion can help get things moving.

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Value-Added & Ancillary Services for Outdoor Brands

Custom Programming & Business Automation

Even in the age of Ai, custom programming and programmers are still critical to building the most seamless user and admin experience possible. Investing at the outset in custom programming, workflows, integrations, API connections, and automation means that you'll patting yourself on the back for years to come.

On-Demand Maintenance & Updates

Many agencies will try and squeeze you into a monthly plan for "unlimited" or "priority" website maintenance, management, or support. We tried this back in the day and it's frustrating for clients and costly to admin. None of that here. Need something? Call us, email us, or knock on our door and we'll take care of it, quickly. Simple.

Physical Point of Sale & Inventory Management

Shopify (the platform we specialize in) is so much more than eCommerce, it's a solution for anyone wanting to sell anything... anywhere. As a long-time Shopify Partner we quickly get you set up with a modern Point-of-Sale system that syncs your inventory, in-store sales, and eCommerce. Save dozens of hours each month.

Jake and his team helped us take Moonchild to the next level. As a D2C company, we rely heavily on the value of our brand and culture. Buck98 has protected our brand in the marketplace while also growing sales beyond what we ever imagined in a single season.

Jure Sodja Moonchild Snowboards

Buck98 created our first website in 2019 and since then, we've become a local tradition, known as THE budget (yet upscale) lodging option for the ski/snowboard/MTB scene in Northern Minnesota. Even though we're small, we're still treated with a sense of urgency.

Robert Monahan Hostel du Nord

Timber participated in Jake's eCommerce incubator here in Santa Cruz. With his help and coaching, we were able to create an eCommerce website on our own. We've grown our sales over the past 2 years and soon, we'll be able to invest in a redesign. Stoked!

Ryan Lynch Timber Surf Co.



moonchildsnowboards.com ↗️
Year-Over-Year Transformation

- 35% increase in online sales
- 60% increase in time on site
- 2% reduction in bounce rate
- 2.5% increase in conversion rate
- 30% increase in Social Media followers

Moonchild's increased brand profile and awareness within the snowboard industry for the '22/'23 season (via their new website and digital marketing plan) attracted highly influential media as well as legends in the sport who proudly support this small brand. 2023/2024 will be Moonchild's best season yet, by far, with very little monetary investment outside of additional inventory.

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